La Licorne Beauté avis

Types of food that improve your beauty and know about beauty care

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Maintain the good food habit is the very difficult one so the food are the basic source of the human beings so the intake of the food is must be in a healthy manner many beauticians are told that La Licorne Beauté avis  which means that the food is also contributing to the beauty care so every person is to know the basic diet of the human being nowadays many of them eat food because of the tongue taste know one is be bothered about the health consciousness

La Licorne Beauté avis

Avoided foods

The first main things are to avoid the junk food habits junk food means the packed chips packed juices biscuits and many more and also avoid the fast food which means fried rice noodles heavy oil products like the chilly and many others so there are be gone in our body and stored as the fat a person wants the good fat for the body to keep active but nowadays facts are be gone intake in a bad manner these junk foods and fast foods causes the high fat in the body and it causes the disease like the blood pressure collateral these are leads to the heart blood flow blockage and ends in heart problems so fast are important to our body but it gets only in a natural way like cashew nut badam groundnut and much other pure ghee is very good for the health so avoid these food is good for the health

A good diet charts

For the morning breakfast, a full glass of milk and the 2 eggs are enough to complete the whole day so the eggs and the milk has the lots of protein to do all the work at the lunch purpose a bowl of rice with Dahl and vegetables or chapatti with Dahl or any other for the brunch that means in between the breakfast and the lunch that’s called as brunch we can take the vegetable salad or fruit salad or one apple or some kids of fresh juice are be allowed and for evening time a sandwich and some cereal variety or cooked sprouted grains as snacks and finally for dinner chapatti or idly or dosa are anything at night we want to fill only the half stomach before bed we end our day with the glass of milk we can use the paneer mushrooms soya these are the high protein veg foods in the nonveg we can take fish chicken mutton beef or anything twice a week is enough these are the basic diet chat to be fit

How does it help to beauty care?

The fruits and the vegetables are the good sources for the skin caretaking of carrots every day and fish they are very good for vision purposes pomegranate is very good for the haemoglobin because the blood flow in our body keeps the skin glow full and the intake of the protein-rich food and with the workout gives the beautiful results in the shape of the human body men’s get the muscular body and the women’s get the perfect body shape.