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Prospects of Turkish Organic Food Sector

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The producing connoisseur product company was supported in 2004 and since then has commanded a very important position within the national market. it’s settled within the Western part of Turkey, at the hill of Mount International Development Association, and established within the right middle of major tourer websites of Gallipoli land and therefore the ancient site of Troy. the corporate, manufacturing natural and ancient product, offers healthy turkish dessert/buy turkish desseet shop alternatives to locals still as international customers. exploitation the most recent technology for packaging concerning food safety and hygiene, the packages square measure fabricated from totally different materials and amount consequently to the kind of product.

Product classes include:

Flour free, sugar-free, fat-free, and protein and GMO-free vegetarian desserts – Natural snacks – Organic jams and marmalades – standard jams and marmalades – ancient pastes – vegetarian sauces – Special assortment product – Organic extract from a virus wild forest fruit growing domestically. the corporate is already engaged in multinational cooperation by exportation to Germany, the Swiss Confederation, an African nation, and Qatar through distributors.

turkish dessert/buy turkish desseet shop

It holds an Associate in a Nursing advantageous position in terms of provision with its geographically strategic location – close to Stamboul field, Stamboul Port, and city Port. Balkan nation and Ella’s square measure simply accessible by road transport to the border gates. inquisitive about internationalization and in increasing within the markets abroad; thus, searching for distributors, healthy/organic food chains, HORECA (hotel/restaurant/café) sector firms, caterers and occupation firms, pastry retailers, supermarkets to push and sell the product. business and distribution agency agreement is obtainable.

The contract is wanted particularly in Germany, France, Italy, and the kingdom. the corporate is ready to provide beneath non-public labels guaranteeing the standard of the raw materials with geographical indication, food quality, and safety, certification, and traceability. the corporate additionally guarantees to satisfy made-to-order orders and therefore the requests of the purchasers in supply product, dominant directly the complete chain of providing and production. Certified suppliers for consumables square measure designated and inspected following the inner quality and food safety management system (BRC certification).

Turkish makers

The Turkish company is searching for distributors with information and skill within the specific marketplace for organic and healthy food products. the corporate is additionally searching for supermarkets that like premium, prime quality product, still as wholesalers, international retail chains, or non-public label partners. an agency agreement is obtainable to potential partners in Europe to extend the network of exclusive business representatives. A distribution services agreement is obtainable to relevant distributors to extend the company’s market share and therefore the range of end-users in Europe. The distributor is predicted to place effort that the product square measure marketed effectively still because the market positioning square measure performed fitly. elaborated informing is predicted on problems like the oversight of dealers, the regular info delivery of markets, and sales by the distributor.

Despite the dominance of the grocery chains but there square measure still several tiny freelance retailers that concentrate on commerce natural and/or organic product. known as altars, these retailers carry a spread of products from organic foods and condiments all through to social unit and private improvement product, together with shampoos. a number of them like blue blood Çiftligi and Palivor Çiftligi square measure stores for organic farms settled elsewhere in Turkey. Their product square measure actually directs from farm to shelf and will provide an improved guarantee that the merchandise you’re shopping for is actually organic.