What is HIFU?

Florida Urology Clinic Offers Recently FDA Approved HIFU Procedure Health

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Why need HIFU?

What is HIFU?

Late ultimate year, the Food and Drug Administration permitted a brand new remedy choice for sufferers stricken by prostate cancers referred to as a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Dr. Richard Lotenfoe, MD these days introduced that his health center, Urology Health Solutions, is certified to carry out this new remedy process at his health center. What is HIFU? “The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a minimally invasive remedy exercise for sufferers stricken by prostate most cancers with a low hazard of facet effects,” stated Dr. Lotenfoe. “Before FDA approval, sufferers deciding on this remedy choice had to journey overseas to have the process completed,” he added. Dr. Lotenfoe is the lead urologist at Urology Health Solutions, a Florida-primarily based urology center. The health center makes a specialty of diagnosing and treating prostate most cancers via using the brand new HIFU process, in addition to figuring out different male and girl urological concerns. Dr. Lotenfoe is one of the most effective a handful of Urologists withinside us of an educated to sporting out the brand new process. “This new approach will assist beautify the best of lifestyles for lots prostate most cancers sufferers,” Lotenfoe stated. “Previous remedy alternatives just like the radical prostatectomy posed widespread facet effects – urinary leakage, impotence, to call a few.” According to Prostate Cancer Canada, a basis devoted to the advocacy, research, education, support, and focus of prostate most cancers, about three- to 4-percentage of HIFU sufferers can also additionally revel in the improvement of a “fistula” – a treatable situation referred to as a gap among the urinary device and the bowel. The high-depth centered ultrasound is a process that makes use of warmth to spoil precise regions of the prostate gland which is suffering from most cancer cells. Currently, it’s far most effective to be had to most cancer sufferers taken into consideration to have “low-grade most cancers,” that means prostate most cancers that have now no longer unfold to different regions of the frame, out of doors of the prostate gland. This new process should substantially lower the wide variety of prostate most cancers cells spreading during the frame of most cancer sufferers if dealt with early.

What are the types of HIFU?

Types of fibroids and their painful consequences Health Studies have unveiled that 35 years and older girls have greater opportunities of obtaining uterine fibroids. Also, it’s a truth that signs of uterus fibroids aren’t alarming. Perhaps this is why now no longer all such instances go through the considered necessary remedy. Though, its remedy mainly relies upon numerous facts, consisting of a wide variety of fibroids gift withinside the frame and their sizes. Generally, fibroid instances do now no longer suggest anything; therefore, the maximum of the instances come into the highlight for the duration of preferred checkups and clinical examinations. Only whilst the fibroids extend their sizes, do the signs come to be prevalent. The outsized fibroids affect the frame capability and this comes into the notification whilst menstrual duration arrives. Moreover, whilst the extent of estrogen will increase, it contributes to tumor growth, which is certainly unfavorable for a girl’s frame. Commonly, women stricken by uterine fibroids revel in poor consequences, consisting of prolonged durations and heavy bleeding, that may consequent in anemia. In such instances, sufferers face issues for the duration of urination and get cramps on the pelvic, returned, and legs.

What are the benefits?

Enlarged abdomens and constipation are some other final results in those instances and this takes place, especially because of bowel pressure. According to the doctors, there are 3 sorts of fibroids that can mark their presence inner girl specimens. Those three kinds are subserosal, intramural, and submucosal fibroids. Now, if we first speak approximately the subserosal fibroids, then those are seen out of doors the uterus. There isn’t any interference in menstrual float completed with the aid of using those fibroids; however, those can reason excessive ache across the uterus vicinity. Indeed, there are herbal uterine fibroids remedies to be had, however still, folks that accept them as true within clinical remedies can diagnose this precise fibroid via MRI or ultrasound. The different kind of fibroid called “intramural fibroid” typically goals the uterus. This fibroid is commonly seen on the lining of the uterus. Also, whilst it grows in size, it will increase the measurement of the uterus and makes it abnormally sized. One can come across it withinside the gynecologic inner exam. Backache, heavy bleeding, and awful menstrual float are the not unusual place consequences of this fibroid.