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Ideas to improve the view count in YouTube

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If you wish to earn using YouTube-like platforms, without accepting their terms and conditions, we cannot able to even start a channel in it. After getting into the channel if you are posting a video it should get at least four thousand hours within a year from the date of posting the video. Secondly, the channel must have one thousand subscribers only then YouTube will be paying out those channels. Some of the channel creators would buy youtube hours  to earn more in it. Once if your video is reported by any of the subscribers then the application will notify your channel or else the video. If any other person reported the same video according to the reported issue the video will be checked again by any other subscribers. At that time if the video is reported again then YouTube will automatically delete the particular video and will not pay for the particular video.

How performance live is useful?

Other than uploading videos on YouTube, the channel owner can start live. If you cannot attain the four thousand hours within a year then you can use the live trick to increase the watch hours. Like other applications here on YouTube people can communicate with each other or else share their experience about the video. And if the person wishes to know about additional information related to the video posted in the channel then he can recommend the channel name and ask any of the queries. Once your channel got popular then you need not worry about the concept to implement in your video. But before getting popular you should not post any of the funny type videos.

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By posting some of the unwanted information through the channel then no people will come forward to subscribe to your channel. We could see every YouTuber would take more than three to four years to attain the level of one million subscribers from the date of starting the channel. Normally every video when it is viewing by any of the subscriber or normal people it should not be moved over. If the video moves faster than it will not be considered as a high-income earning video. Nowadays people are more concentrated on watching those reality shows or else on making fun of others. Other than these types of videos every video will not be crossing over more than a million views.

Finally while watching or at the end of the video people should try to share the video with their friends or any other relatives who will be helping out to increase the view count as well as the income for the video. If the viewer wants to download any of the videos to watch it later once again then by using the download option they can save it for offline mode. But here the common issue is while saving in downloads those videos should be updated all-time only then it will be stable in the downloads list. Paid views will not be the stable ones and at the same time, they will not earn you more as much you expect from normal videos.