Even though the person stays in German for more than two years, why can’t he unable to speak the German language?

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One of the most potent economic rates in the world country is Germany. It also contains many tourist areas. Some researchers have been proven that in the year 2017, more than 37 million visitors to Germany. And among those people, 20 percent of people are foreigners. In Germany still, they are maintaining the ancient building and their histories. The typical day when we see at the festival time like Christmas the small towns in Germany are more famous for the stores. We could hear in some people would say Germany is the better place to live. Here we can see some interesting facts about Germany and the way of speaking.

How long would it take to learn the German language? Are there any websites like

People in Germany would show more interest in protectively maintaining nature. And if any person would spoil the natural beauty, they will be fined or sometimes prisoned. And we can see people gathering and surveying in all parks all time, and even the day is gloomy. First, only when the places are right to visit people would be eager to spend time in a particular location. Likewise, we could able to see often some people in all the tourist places. Every country would have their country food style. But in tourist places, they would offer foods with the expected taste and suits for all foreigners and native people.

Do the people in Germany can understand English?

German works change depending on the pronoun that is used in the word. When the German sentence has “du” in the middle, it means the informal way to say you. There must some minor changes between normal speaking English and German English. The method of forming sentences will be a little bit opposite to the standard language. And the formal pronunciation of you is Sie in the German language. When the person got set to the German by their daily conversation, it will be easy to learn the German language. But if any person would train to develop his other country language from their native country, it would take more duration to learn. Only when people start conversations with other people, they will get the language fluency.

How easy is it to start a new work in foreign countries?

When a person got settled in Germany for more than two years within the two years, he must work in the company or else a shop. So, by his/her experience, he would gain some knowledge about to start a business in Germany. First, to start a business in any country before you should know about the trend for the situation. And in what things people are more interested and they would buy again and again. But only when you have sufficient investment for your business, you could able to start a new location. Investment and a better idea is the first procedure for business. And language is more important to make the customers sufficient by your speech only that you could able to earn the standard customers for your business.